Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The schedule for the Commencement if you're planning to attend:

You should plan to arrive and be seated by 9:30.  

Schedule for Mills College Commencement

Saturday, May 13, 2017

7:45am Car sent to pickup Mrs. Soskin at her home
8:50am                 Arrive at Mills College, met by Renee Jadushlever, Chief of Staff
8:50am-9:15am     Continental Breakfast, meet and greet trustees, platform party
9:15am                 Robing with Trustees, other Distinguished Guests (Mills will provide regalia)
9:30am                 Line up for Processional
9:45am                Processional  (Platform Party: Director of Spiritual
                                & Religious Life, Provost, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Commencement
    Speaker, President)
10:00am               Blessing, Welcome, Student Addresses, other speeches
                                           and ceremonial issues, Introduction of Speaker
10:30am-10:45am Presentation of Honorary Doctorate of Arts & Letters (3 minutes speech by Betty Reid Soskin)
10:45am              Commencement Speech - Lateefah Simon 
11:00am               Conferring of Degrees
12:06pm              President’s Charge to the Graduates
12:10pm               Benediction
12:11pm               College Hymn
12:15pm               Recessional
12:30pm               After recessional, take off robe and go to President's House for
12:30pm-2:00pm   Reception in the President’s Garden immediately
                                           following the ceremony.  (150 people - speaker, distinguished guests,
                                           trustees, donors, alumnae)

2:00pm Car sent to bring Ms. Soskin home

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