Thursday, April 01, 2004

Just returned from the pre-screening of "our" film ...

I'll not try to do a review, but to invite you to watch for it next week on the FX Channel. Lynne Whitfield is even prettier in person than on screen, if that's possible. She's also a delightful person. Anyone who saw her play Tina Turner will appreciate her acting ability. She does real justice to my personal heroine and very dear friend, Barbara Cottman Becnel. The story is a delicate balance between Barbara's story and Stan's. There was an announcement by the director tonight that only yesterday he'd received an invitation for the film to be screened at Cannes! That's most unusual for a film made for television; almost unheard of.

Jamie Foxx, a comedian whose specialty is stand up does a heartbreaking performance in the role of Stanley Williams. Would have expected him to play it over-the-top, but he is restrained and smoldering in the opening scenes and tender and poignant later on. This may move him into more substantive roles in the future. But I'm getting into reviewing -- which I said that I would not do.

I watched it with our hometown audience, so the standing ovations were meant to tell Barbara how we felt, but now that Robert Redford's SunDance Festival and the African Film Festival of Los Angeles have both evoked the same strong appreciation, I guess we can join with the rest of the film folks and say, "Bravo!" Can't wait to see what happens at Cannes. And, damn! This could have been the one time in my life when I might have done the Riviera thing, but can't due to an over-booked dance card!

Did I mention that Barbara acted as co-producer on the film? I'm so proud of her that I could scream from the sheer excitement of it all!

The balances in my life continue to flow with the best of timing. Last night Dorian and I attended a performance of granddaughters Alayana (8) and Tamaya (6) where they danced a traditional dance from the Phillipine culture (their mother is from the Phillipines). They were in costume, and did a "Dance of the Lights" that they'd seen performed at some celebration -- came home and choreographed their own version. It was beautiful! I'm sure that Hallmark has a card for this one, and I'll send two off in tomorrow's mail, cards that they can tuck under their pillows, "Grandma is so proud of her two favorite dancers on the entire planet!"

As I've said all along, my life is beautifully peopled, even on those days when I forget ... .