Saturday, May 01, 2004

Followup letter from United State Department of Interior...,

National Park Service, with additional information on the Ken Burns documentary:

"...After searching through our files, we selected you for an interview with a PBS film company that has contact us because you live near one of the communities that this film company hopes to focus upon in this exciting documentary called "The War".

This documentary will be five part series about American life during the war -- focusing on four communities and the lives of ordinary people. The film will be completed and will air on PBS in 2006.

As we discussed and as you agreed to, your name, phone number and story were given to the producer, Lynn Novick of Florentine Films (A Ken Burns Film Company), however, there is no guarantee that you will receive a call from her. The communities that were originallly requested by the film company included: Waterbury, CT, Luverne, MN; Mobile, AL; and Sacramento, CA. We insisted that Richmond should be included."

So -- I'm not even sure that I'll be around to see this epic -- and, if I am, that it will matter a hell of a lot! But once committed ... .

Completed Dorian's move and closed down her Oakland apartment today. It's been a real challenge and we seem to have simply transferred the clutter from her place to mine. My apartment -- a place of pride for me -- is now crowded with far more than the space can accommodate comfortably. I'm already feeling pinched! Must be careful to mask such feelings. She's extremely perceptive and picks up subtle signals, especially negative ones. When she begins to get testy and irritable I've learned to look to myself for clues. That suggests that a high level of sensitivity must be maintained at all times. Nothing is more exhausting!