Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hypocrisy reigns!

It is hard to imagine a more insane picture to face this Palm Sunday morning -- than that of a self-proclaimed born-again Super-Christian president dashing home to sign a newly-created law to save the life of a terminally ill brain-dead woman in Florida -- in the face of 125,000 Iraqi lives lost and over 1500 young Americans lives sacrificed willfully by an administration out of control! It brings to mind also those quite possibly innocent Death Row prisoners in Texas who sat on Death Row for years while their last pleas for mercy were ignored by a callous governor who didn't even bother to read their cases before denying their appeals. How on earth can this be? And, even more troubling, why on earth are the people of this nation not screaming their outrage this morning at the tragic absurdity of it all!

It may be more important to ask what has happened to us that we're allowing ourselves to be diverted by a constant diet of salacious news reports on steroid abuse in baseball, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, and Scott Peterson in place of the hard news from the rest of the world upon which our very lives may well depend?

If we have a problem of national security, it's increasingly clear that the source of that problem is internal. Hypocrisy has many faces, some of which look very much like our own.

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