Thursday, January 05, 2006

Since it begins to appear that there are some other logical folks out there helping to hold up the sky -- I'm off to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with Tom for an afternoon of soul-restoring ...

Will report on my state of mind and heart later this evening. Have other ideas for just how I might do that. It came to me just before sleep. There are times when the only answers are inside, but can usually be accessed through some outside stimulus. Walking through the art galleries ordinarily takes care of part of it, but I think I'll spend the latter part of the day reading back through the transcripts of the oral history the university's Bancroft Library sent to me some time ago. I just may find some fragments of self therein that will re-direct me from this depression before it becomes too firmly-rooted to dispel without some hard work.

What is needed here is another Betty to bring forth -- to help to herd the rest of them into line toward some kind of inner peace. Reading through the transcript may turn up some parts of me that I've begun to lose touch with ... or I wouldn't be feeling such a sense of loss.

Do you think...?

Photo: This comes from somewhere in the late 80's, I think. This seems to have been a time of similar concern, doesn't it? Makes me wince to look into this face; a stark reminder of another place and time when the pain burst through to threaten my existence (see June 20, 2004 in the archives).

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