Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Noam Chomsky for president? Of course.

I suppose that there is more than one way to scrap the franchise or commit political suicide. Barbara Cottman Becnel for governor can only be followed by Chomsky for president. It's logical; a stroke of sanity in a sea of total madness. Unless the field improves and the Dems win back the house and/or the senate from those now in power -- that's precisely what I will do, come the next presidential race in two years. I'll vote on all of the initiatives and all of the lesser offices and commit the top of the ticket to my quest for sanity!

On the other hand, maybe we could make Chomsky secretary of state or a member of the Supremes ... now wouldn't that be something? And while we're at it, we could bring back Lani Guinnere as a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when and if she decides to retire. She could neutralize Justice Clarence Thomas, hopefully. Someone needs to. Has that misplaced Justice ever submitted a written opinion?

Effects of vertigo? Perhaps. Spent long hours battling sleep last night -- mentally rearranging the government in the vain hope that there is still time -- and that this is at least one way to avoid nuclear destruction and save the world for my grandkids and yours.

Today we'll visit the de Young in beautiful Golden Gate Park -- try to find a new perspective among the azaleas and rhododendrons (maybe we'll see one of those magnificent blue herons in one of the many ponds). It's possible that, at least for a few hours, this feeling of absolute terror will subside.

Photo: My beautiful Dorian Leon Reid at 5 months. I hadn't yet realized the extent of her congenital brain damage, or, that she would never reach maturity. In a way, I suppose that my entire life has been spent subconsciously trying to leave a safe place for her in an unsympathetic world. The fear that I have failed in that mission grows as time winds down while she grows older and her future becomes more precarious. Emotions -- not being governed by intellect -- keep me ever engaged in the hopeless yet absolutely necessary work of fulfilling that dream.

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