Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Nu Upper Room handbills:

It has occurred to me in looking through this file that I may have saved enough of these wonderful artifacts to have a website created. What other way could this history be shared?

I'm certain that there are others who had the good fortune to have lived a part of all this -- and who might be thrilled to be able to recover whatever might remain of the living history of the Camelot that was ...

Somewhere I have numbers for Will Power in New York, or Naven Norling who designed some of these flyers, or Keba Konte or Aisha Bilal ... .

In the event that you, the reader, have any idea of how to pass these along, email me by using the link on the left side of these entries.

Oh, another thought in passing: "...if every bit of black influence was stripped away from what is loosely called, "American popular music," we'd have nothing left but Lawrence Welk!

The erotic images below are a reminder of Naj, a young woman patron of the Upper Room. She was from Iran and a very successful career national rep for a major cosmetic firm. It was Naj who first introduced us to the lyrical poetry of Rumi. We were planning a late night reading about the time that news of the impending closure of the Room came to us.

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