Friday, July 11, 2008

A song I wrote many years ago ... could it have been a message across time and space to a granddaughter whose existence would not be known for decades?

To each of me ...
to love within the reach of me

and if this love could teach to me
why each of me, in turn,
should torture so the soul of me
and tear apart the whole of me
within life's play each role of me
must speak to me
-- must learn
that blackness and the white of me

are just the day and night of me

are not the
wrong or right of me
can't you see -- there's got to be

some answer to this planet's pain

my microcosmic world insane!
If only I could
make you see
it's here to see --

just look at me
there is -- within me -- all of you

from distant lands -- the whole of you
the dreams, the heart, the soul of you --
if only you would see

that black and white are
part of it
my brown is at the heart of it

and blending was the start of it

and someday it shall be

that blackness and the white of us

will be the day and night of us

and not the wrong or right of us

weakness or might of us

then we'll be free!

If you'll go back and read the entry for June 17th you'll find the preface to this song.

When time permits I'll add the sound to this post. It might be helpful to be able to liste
n ... and not have to imagine.

It's really quite a lovely song, I think.

And here are my granddaughters ... each a one-of-a-kind yet universal beauty!

Photos: Rosie, Kokee Amanda, Tamaya and Alyana.

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