Saturday, September 06, 2008

Reminders of days gone past ...

This past week of back-to-back political conventions were reminders of one of the greatest of adventures as lived in summer of 1972. I was one of those relatively few citizens lucky enough to have been chosen by my congressional district to represent them as a McGovern delegate to the Democratic Convention at Miami Beach.

Lay awake last night remembering and thinking silently in the dark that -- on the day of my birth -- I may have been granted more life to live than almost anyone I know.

Reading back through these entries accumulated over many years -- re-visiting the archives though only rarely -- it's hard to escape that notion ... and to not feel more than a little guilty at the embarrassment of riches even after factoring in a fair share of hard places and emotional down times that had to be lived through along the way ... .

Photo: top right is a photo with Alaska's Senator Mike Gravell (yes, one of this year's presidential candidates) who figured with Daniel Ellsberg and the Beacon Press in the release of the Pentagon Papers -- but that would come sometime later.

Lower photo: photographed sitting in the California delegation during one of the floor sessions.

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