Friday, March 27, 2009

The day after my trip north I returned to a very special gift of Dorian-designed happy blue jeans... .

And boy-oh-boy was her mom in desperate need of some genuine happy blue jeans!

One of her instructors, Andres, at NIAD (Nat'l Institute for Artists and Disabilities) led her through the process of painting on textiles -- little different from painting on canvas, I suppose. And how beautiful they are -- and how impossible it is to carry around sorrow and pain while wearing your happiness on your bod!

I have rainbows, flowers that were never wilter, cats and dogs, suns-of-power-to-transform-feelings, and besides all that there is a giggle packed lovingly into each pocket.

I'm planning to light up the very next out-of-uniform event. It wouldn't surprise me one whit to discover that they glow in the dark!

Such finery makes up for an awful lot of stored up misery.

(And, yes, I'm splendid in both directions. The back is gorgeous, too!)

Think I'll go light up a gas station ... .

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