Sunday, May 17, 2009

Online Testing be damned!

Because his name has become so prominent, Dr. Oz of Oprah fame influenced my decision to log on to take his "Real Age" test. Might be fun, I thought. Let's see how I can challenge the experts who think they can measure such a thing. I'm doing this, of course, secure in the knowledge that I'm going to beat the system, right? How could I not? I'm an 87 year-old woman, fully employed, actively engaged in life, able to still wear clothes I wore in high school, for heavinsake!

Took the 4 minutes required and answered each question honestly and completely and guess what?

I discovered that my "real age" is 92 years and 7 months!

How could this be? I should admit going in of course, that vanity was the great motivator here. It continued to gnaw at me for hours after as I tried to rationalize how such a thing could be.

It must surely have been the exercise questions. My physical exercise comes mainly from jumping in and out of my little red car every day. No Pilates, no yoga, no "walking up several flights of stairs instead of taking the escalator;" no workout at the local gym or even walking or running or using the treadmill. Just the normal activity related to my work. So I answered all of those questions with a "no." That must have shot my score to hell!

Tennyrate, I'm still miffed enough to warn you other vain feminists not to pay any attention to such surveys.

Maybe we should challenge Dr. Oz's medical punditry credentials, at least?

On the other hand, maybe 92 years and 7 months is not as bad or as "old" as our fears might suggest. After all, my mother, Lottie Allen Charbonnet, was still spryly hopping on the bus in 3 inch heels and window-shopping for hours at the downtown department stores every Saturday at the age of 95. (She lived to be 101.) Yes, that would be Mom dancing the hula with the chorus line on the stage at a luau at a fancy hotel in Honolulu the year of her 95th birthday!

Do you suppose there might be something critical missing from these surveys?

What might that be ... ?

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