Saturday, July 03, 2010

"Just posted my new website, Grandma!"

It was Rosie announcing in an email that her new venture (she designs elegant jewelry and is venturing into songwriting and singing a la grandmother and father, Bob), and,  being entrepreneurial as is her legacy -- has set herself up in the marketplace online.  Not only that, but with Grandma's  permission has generously included 6 single Betty Songs (from over 40 years ago) for sale along with hers.

Would it not be ironic if one of those songs caught on (despite the fact that I'm an octogenarian with very few years to go before I've left the "octo" and entered the "whatever is left" part of my life, and found myself selling DVD's alongside Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, and Justin Bieber?  Would that not be wild?   Talk about eclectic!

Anyway, I immediately clicked myself onto her website (it's really colorful and lovely); enlarged her bee-yoo-ti-ful jewelry pieces with my mouse (featuring crystals and magnets in truly original designs); ordered a necklace for Alyana (a younger granddaughter who just graduated herself into high school in the fall; and then went to the music feature therefore becoming Rosie's virgin sale.  Saw the photo of myself beside one of Rosie and marveled, again, at having lived into such a time ... .

Visit Rosie Reid Funk and CreoleRox Jewelry ( and roam around, and tell her that Grandma sent you. 

Top Photo by Bob Reid 

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