Saturday, March 05, 2011

Still nursing the bi-centennial grandfather of colds and making every attempt to not let it interfere with Life with Betty ... .

The video below was done at the February 19th Family Journey Day sponsored by Supervisor Keith Carson of the Fifth District of Alameda, County.  It drew about 150 hardy souls who were willing and able to attend despite a drenching extended downpour.  

We were 3 panelists; a woman minister, a retired former San Francisco State head of the Department of Black Studies -- and moi.

After being totally intimidated upon noticing the voluminous notes each were clutching prior to the opening of the program (I never speak from notes), I settled in to listening for clues of what I might draw from the others when my turn came at the lectern.  Fortunately, I was not the first to speak so could build on Dr. T'Shaka's words, though he didn't leave many lifelines to cling to.  Our accounting of those years differed enough so that I had to find my own way in the telling. 

All 3 talks are accessible on, so -- the complete afternoon with Q&A are available.  

This audience was interesting in that it was almost all African American, and mostly young.  It was a challenge to make this history compelling to youth who've had so little preparation with which to receive it.  I'm told that this program will usher in a comprehensive one that will involve learning the rudiments of genealogy and building family trees that will extend through the summer; a worthy undertaking.

They were very gracious.  It was an afternoon well-spent.

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