Sunday, July 17, 2011

One would think it impossible to forget the upcoming publishing of my debut in a Sunday comic strip, right?

... yet, that's precisely what happened.  The West County Times columnist, Chris Treadway, ran a complete recap of "Life with Betty" over the past unbelievable months of honors.  (Has it really been 8 weeks since the Morrie Turner tour?) It reads like a fairy tale for seniors!    The whole story appears in Facebook, and came up on the newspaper's online edition when I clicked the mouse.  Now I need to put on my shoes, turn down the oven temperature on the pork chops, and hit the newsstand for copies for my grandkids. 

Had "Life with Dorian" not taken priority over "Life with Betty," this would never have happened, but there isn't always room for both.

... and maybe that's at least a part of the problem.

I'll have to thank Morrie Turner tomorrow; maybe send him a DVD of my songs ... and add him to the list of new friends acquired over this past year.  Then I'll send a copy to our cultural resources staff for adding to a growing collection of "All Things Betty." 

Whoever would have ever guessed?

(Someone needs to do a study of time as it manifests after one reaches the age of eighty.  It's in the 8th decade that Christmas begins to recur every 6 weeks.)

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