Saturday, September 03, 2011

MAC is out of the box and we're back in business ...

Not sure there has been a break of this length in blog entries since September of 2003 when all this started.  But the old faithful computer died and needed replacement -- and whaddyaknow -- a state tax refund check with almost enough to cover a new I-Mac arrived in the mails several days after a techie assessed the situation and sent it to the recycling bin.  It has served me well, and it was a surprise to learn that an eMac might be considered too ancient to be fixed when it seemed to me to be fairly new.  Has it really been years since Steve Jobs strode across the stage at Mosconi Convention Center in San Francisco to announce its birth?

But now that I'm back in business with 1000% more technology at my fingertips than I know what to do with, let's see where we are.  And -- once I've gotten over the wonder at this high-powered genie's ability to deliver such undreamed of magic, I'll get back to blogging.

This time I signed up for all of the bells and whistles and you just may find me standing at the Genius Bar at our local Apple Store along with all the teens of this millennium checking out how to use Garage Band and I-Movies  -- and am I really ready for Face Time?  (Caught sight of myself by accident last night and almost fell off my sea green ergonomic office chair!).

I may not just be the oldest park ranger in the National Park System, but that might extend to the Apple Genius Bar as well.

There was a moment when the "child" who was my salesperson was explaining that -- if I would bring my old Mac in with the new one they would do a data transfer free of charge -- but that this would take about 3 days.  I laughed and answered that at my age (90 in 3 weeks), time was one of the few things I didn't have much of, and that they'd have to do better than that.  I was flattered when he looked at me in disbelief, but he obviously paid attention because the very next morning (Sunday) there was a call to say that Mac was ready to be picked up.

Every night since it arrived -- instead of writing -- I've been sitting here slack-jawed in awe at the wonders that I've lived to see, and wondering what I could possibly write that is worthy of the art of the technological geniuses of these times?  Then I'm reminded of the geniuses who brought us television, and of what we've done with it over the past decade (arggghhh!).  Maybe my words, after all, are worthy -- and if not, at least might spark someone else to be, and who could ask for more? 

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