Sunday, December 11, 2011

... and just what other human being do you know who received a bike for her 90th birthday?

Yes, as a complete surprise and at the top-of-the-evening, I was invited into the room with, "we have something for you," and there it was sitting in all its orange and yellow splendor in a side room at Nexus -- my bicycle!

My friends and park colleagues (plus Rosie, my southern California granddaughter who couldn't attend) picked up a collection and made the purchase weeks ago.  It had apparently been hidden away in an attached storage building outside our administration building waiting to be sprung at the concert.

It was almost too much -- and all I wanted to do in that moment -- was to crumple up in a heap and weep for pure joy!

... an unforgettable evening that still resonates daily just before sleep each night and probably will for all of the nights yet unborn ... .

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