Monday, April 15, 2013

Voices from the past ... and the present ... .

Received a lovely note of appreciation today from a documentary filmmaker who discovered my blog while researching the story of Jackie Robinson online.  Didn't remember it, but the images rose in full color when I entered Jackie's name into that little search bar (remember, just above the banner, left side of screen above my picture), and posts from November of 2008 popped up with lovely photos of Rachel and Jackie Robinson's wedding and an account of my youthful encounter with the legendary athlete.

I wasn't aware of the new film, "42", opening this week throughout the country, but there will surely be a new generation of young people wanting to know more about him.

I recall seeing a picture of  his widow, Rachel,  being greeted by President Obama only a few days ago.  Maybe there was a private screening in the White House?

Need to pay closer attention to such things.

Wonder if I'll want to see the movie, or, if it's better to just savor the movies of my mind?

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