Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Had the honor of addressing the Women of Labor Conference in Sacramento on Monday ... and what a time it was ... !

There is no question that women are on the rise in society, and if what I witnessed was any indication of what the future holds, we're in fine shape.

Those now serving in the Congress, in corporate leadership in all fields, in the current administration, and now matched with those in the Labor Movement are exciting, ambitious, and capable of world-changing.  All signs indicate that this upsurge in empowerment is worldwide, and not limited to this country.  The influences being felt everywhere would suggest that it's only the beginning.

... do you suppose that the genesis of what we're seeing all started with Rosie the Riveter of WWII?  Maybe I'm being swayed by my current everyday life and work with the National Park Service -- and am limited by the context. 

... but maybe not.

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