Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If David inherited his father's talent for promoting events and a dedication to hard work ... 

our eldest son, Bob's, legacy appears to have been the artist's side of his mother's.  His passion for expressing himself through music and teaching have been with him since childhood.  Fortunately, he has been able to pursue his love of the arts throughout life by a dogged determination to define life on his own terms, and along the way was able to meet and work with his idol, Pete Seeger, who modeled that same lifestyle magnificently.  Bob had the opportunity to participate in the Clearwater Hudson River Cruises on several occasions.  To have known the Seegers over the years on numerous visits, provided  a grounding in his youth that probably could not have happened any other way, and helped to shape the wonderful way he moves in the world. 

Pete's life will be memorialized by a Bob Reid solo concert at the Kuumbwa Jazz  Center in Santa Cruz, 320-2 Cedar Street, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

My sons have grown up to be men whom I greatly admire.  In these later years each has grown to be friends I cannot imagine not having had in my life.

If you're not busy, let's meet in Santa Cruz and pay homage to the universally-loved Pete Seeger with his greatest fan, my Bob.
Sunday, March 9th, at Kuumbwa Jazz Center,  at three (doors open at 2:30). $10 in advance, http://brownpapertickets.com/events

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