Friday, March 29, 2019

Yes, this is Stacey Abrams with Unreasonable Moi!
I can't imagine that so much time has passed since I last sat down to post ... .

... but the blame is with the impossible pace of my life these days, and surely not because there has been  nothing to say.

Since the experience with the Oakland Symphony, I've faced into the winds of changes unimaginable only a year ago.

The publication of Sign my name to freedom has opened the gates wide into the world of authors where I'm a complete stranger but eager student.  Having been graciously accepted into the new worlds of technology through participating in events for Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Adobe, Nike, etc., in recent months, and having now stumbled into that of Virtual Reality through the artistry of Gary Yost, it feels almost surreal.

But all of that pales in the face of last Monday, spent as one of many Change Makers from all over the country at the Unreasonable Conversations Conference at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

This was a gathering of the writers, directors, producers, funders, for the television industry.  By invitation, only, these 350 communicators were brought together as audience to those of us considered the change-makers of our times to inform the work of those who will influence the public discourse over the next decade through their work and artistry.  What an assignment!

Taken from the brochure of the sponsoring agency, Propper Daley:

"Reasonable people adapt to the world; the unreasonable ones persist in trying to adapt the world to themselves.  Therefore, all progress depends on unreasonable people."
                                                            George Bernard Shaw  (adapted)

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