Sunday, February 22, 2004

Had plans to write extensively today ...

It's another rainy Sunday and the best of times to do just that. However, the phone rang a few minutes ago with an invitation to attend a Berkeley Rep performance of "Yellowman" preceded by dinner at Giovanni's. Can't imagine anything better. Life does have a way of livening up the empty spaces, doesn't it?

Last night Bob and Jenny arrived at Dorian's dinner party with an advance copy of an upcoming HBO special on the life of the award-winning African American (she would prefer "Black") actor, Beah Richards. What a documentary! It is moving. She is dynamic and brilliantly "human," and I could hardly bear for it to end. Jenny's brother participated in its production as an editor -- this allowed him to share it with us prior to airing on this Wednesday (I believe. Check the listings). You must see this extraordinary film. The last two minutes -- after the emotional roller-coaster of the earlier parts -- will lift you beyond reason!

There is much to say about this, but not now. There is barely time to shower, dress, and drive in to meet friends for this evening's performance.

Later ... .