Sunday, April 17, 2005

Brahms, Beethoven, Dvorak, 'n Dizzy ...

Beautiful concert at First Church in San Francisco on Friday evening. Fine seafood dinner at Tadich on Sacramento at Battery in the Financial District -- then the drive straight up hill, past the Pacific Union Club, Grace Cathedral, scraping the clouds high on Nob Hill to Van Ness and the music of the masters. I do enjoy it tremendously but continue to feel less "at home" than as a curious visitor to the world of European chamber music. Will always be simply a refugee from the world of jazz -- off on a junket. I'm surely not alone with such feelings since these are clearly a different form of music lover, with very few who cross over from the black world to white. There are rarely more than one or two others who look like me in such gatherings. Nice visit, though. I feel myself relaxing into the music more and more -- and wishing that I might be able to take on the cello one of these days, even while knowing that it's far too late ... .

Yesterday was a quiet day sitting in my car in front of the highschool where Dorian was involved in her every-Saturday-morning Special Olympics practice. We've move past baskbetball (except for the upcoming state games) and into track and field and swimming. That means lots of time sitting in my car reading and working crossword puzzles while she romps and runs and swims the morning away.

We watched Bob's appearance with Xia's friends at KUSP in Santa Cruz. A friend captured it in some way with the computer and forwarded the links to us. Dorrie and I then (magically!) watched and heard Bob singing his original songs with this little band of kids -- and loved every minute of it. His work is so fine, and I'm so proud of his continuing contribution to children's music. The wonder of these Internet archives where one can enjoy programs-on-demand hours after they've actually been aired ... such a world!

Today is mine. Am attending my first ever Citroen Rally over in Marin County with Tom. We'll spend the late morning and afternoon chasing down items (signs?) in a kind of treasure hunt (or that's what it sounds like) with him at the wheel and I keeping an eye out for the whatever-it-is that will bring rewards. The day is beautiful; San Rafael is always a joy to visit; and he's bringing along a picnic to share when the rally ends. Nice Sunday.

What I'm not doing: Should have attended the State Democratic Convention at Los Angeles this weekend, but have just about completely unplugged from all such activity of late. It all feels beyond me now, and in the hands of the young and the energetic. I'm hoping that Phil Angelides will get the nomination of the party and will be confirmed for the candidacy for governor to succeed Arnold. He's someone I've watched for years and who will serve the party and the nation well as he ascends the leadership ladder. He's a visionary with the ability to implement his goals. We'll see how far talent and integrity will take him in a world where neither seems any longer treasured. He's been on this escalator to power for some time now, and his time may have come.

Am praying that there is enough energy to stop the special election called for by the governor, so that $70 million dollars of state moneys won't be needlessly squandered. I take that quite personally since my Dorian has had her life interrupted (along with countless others of the handicapped) through the budget cutbacks that have already befallen her world and mine. At least she had a home to be returned to. What about those who have ended up on the streets of our California cities?

But today I will skip voluntary public service in favor of the Citroen Rally with Tom. Maybe this is the way that elders have traditionally passed the torch. We just set down the reins, cut the horse loose, and play in the fields of life until it all ends quietly ... maybe. Maybe not. We'll see.

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