Thursday, April 14, 2005

String theory,indeed!

That last entry is a clear example of the lengths to which the mind will go to escape the problems in the foreground. Waaaaaay out in space this time! Denial goes by many names and in this case I was able to shoot myself into another universe with all of the theoretical wonder physics can offer. Anything to avoid having to search for that elusive scrap of paper upon which the name and phone number of Dorian's possible new placement is written. Wild!

Okay, so now that it's almost two o'clock in the afternoon on the day after my great space travel adventure, I'll close down MAC and work on the desk clutter ... .

But before I do that (see, I'm still stalling), I need to acknowledge that there was word from a mutual friend that my Bob is appearing in a show on KUSP in Santa Cruz this Saturday. Not sure of the call letters, but believe it may be the PBS affiliate there. Check out the link over on the lefthand side of this blog. His web site may have the details, though I'm not sure how much time he puts into keeping it updated these days.

Also, under California's Black Pioneers (also linked over there) there are some truly fascinating additions to the web site. Learned from Cousin Doug in a conversation the other day that one of our ancestors was a bootmaker in San Francisco during the Gold Rush days. So much history -- so little time left in which to make more (for some of us).

Will meet with the board of the Ma'at Academy tonight (environmentalists) and will fill y'all in on that next week sometime. Good folks on a mission.

And in the meantime, I'll try to forget that I truly must take seriously the need to release Dorian to her own future -- and that I must not wait until there's another crisis and we're torn apart even more painfully than before. It was like trying to separate the skin from a green peach ... .

That must not be allowed to happen... .

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