Thursday, March 16, 2006

At the  Autrey Museum

Packing up and gettin' ready ...
Tomorrow morning we leave for Los Angeles and the Autrey Museum where the National Women's History Project will hold their celebration on Sunday at three. We're leaving a day early in order to visit the Getty Art Museum while there -- I've never seen it and hear it's stunning.

Will fly home on Monday afternoon and then leave at 5:50 a.m. from the Oakland airport for Baltimore/Washington, D.C., and the festivities to be held at the Hay Adams on Pennsylvania Avenue across the street from the White House. How cool it that?

Because this is all so much larger than life and so once-in-a-lifetime in scope -- I've cashed in the family jewels to take granddaughter, "Miss Hermione Ginglehopper" along to share the honors and enjoy her first visit to the Capitol.
at the Hay Adams Hotel in D.C.

David, Kokee, and Rhico (his older kids) will drive to L.A. for the celebration there on Sunday.

Not sure when I'll get to read my messages or post to my blog -- these days are surreal -- but given this unbelievable agenda, it may take days to get myself back into my pumpkin again.

Will try to remember to take pictures and will post them in CBreaux's Annex when there's time.

Meanwhile, I'm off to see the wizard -- see Betty on the Yellow Brick Road!

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