Monday, March 13, 2006

Today's the day ...

and it's 8:58 by the clock on my computer. At eleven o'clock this morning my friend, Barbara Cottman Becnel, will announce her candidacy for governor from the west steps of the state capitol. Been sitting on this one for weeks -- waiting until she would go public. All of the signatures have been gathered and verified -- and this brilliant passionate capable African American woman will enter the race.

I have no idea how this will be viewed by the political parties since Barbara will be entering from the Left for the purpose of broadening the debate to include a higher minimum wage, higher taxes on the rich, and -- abolition of the death penalty. All three of the major candidates have declared that they will continue to support the death penalty and none will agree to a moratorium.

You may recall -- if you were paying attention -- that Barbara is the woman who managed to get San Quentin Death Row inmate Stanley Tookie Williams nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace and Literature prizes over the past years. She published his 9 prize-winning books and served as his editor. She was portrayed by Lynn Whitfield in the film, "Redemption," for which Jamie Fox was nominated for the Oscar.

When we met at the Point Richmond StarBucks some days ago, she asked if I'd do some writing for her. Not sure I could do her justice. One day Barbara will be viewed as the Rosa Parks of the Movement to Abolish the Death Penalty.

But we'll talk more about that in days to come.

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