Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm not alone!

and what a great feeling that is.

On last night's MS-NBC's Countdown, Keith Olbermann (I think I'm in love!) did a segment where he listed the ten times over the past 5 years that the Bush administration called for a red alert (critical danger!!!) and then he listed the national events that occurred only 2-3 days prior to the issuance. It was stunning and far beyond the possibility of coincidence. Those wolf cries were faked -- with no visible means of support. We're in sync; Keith O. and I. Just about the place where I hit my point of total non-belief, so did he, apparently (see August 10th entry). My cynicism was well-placed, an appropriate response to what was coming out of Washington. We met at the top of the absurdity scale and bumped heads!

It begins to look like Howard Fineman and even Patrick Buchanan are beginning to express suspicion that we're being duped. The media is beginning to rise up and rebel. The generals are finding their voices, too. Just maybe... (Hillary, why aren't you among them?).

Now my only fear is that -- in their desparation -- some pre-planned catastrophe will occur timed to disrupt the November elections. (The old October surprise?) And, yes, that's a real fear that I'm certain lurks in the minds of a great many thinking Americans in these times. This is not the time for ignoring the warnings of continuing duplicity. Our fears are well-placed and are serving us as nature intended.

Which is not to say that there aren't very real dangers out there from those who are bent upon vengeance for wrongs done in our names. That's quite real -- but we're not being made safer by being misdirected in our national response to what we may be facing in the future. We cannot modify our national policies if we're ignorant of the effects they're producing in the world.

Photo: Taken from Keith Olbermann's website. The video of yesterday's segment referred to above can be viewed. It's well worth taking the time to do so. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/)

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