Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lunacy reigns!

Is it not ironic that we've allowed our tax dollars to support a defense department in its quest for the world's most effective arms -- with countless billions going to nuclear explosives research and Star Wars defense shields and supersonic stealth aircraft -- only to find the "advanced" western world held hostage by inventive young people with box cutters, toothpaste tubes, hair gels, and lipsticks? (I can't wait for the movie, but who would buy such a script as plausible?)

The world can only be saved through conflict resolution and diplomacy. Is there anyone left who doesn't know this? Okay, besides our delusional fearless leader and his posse, of course. The lunacy and futility of generations of wars have been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. But then one has to wonder if saving the world and its people is any longer the goal of the evolutionary process. Could it be true that some are now hopelessly consumed by their twisted need to bring on the Rapture -- a concept accepted as truth by only a minority of true believers? I've been trying hard to avoid thinking about the rising voices of the Christian Right in this country -- but this may be the only way to explain what's happening.

A measure of just how far we are from reality is the fact that no one dares to mention the idiocy (at least not aloud), or express embarrassment at just how far off the mark this wayward nation now finds itself in its murderous quest for international supremacy, something we already had but have now squandered needlessly. We were -- not so long ago -- the hope of the world.

Sunday is a disaster! But I'll honor the sabbath by sending off another small check to or the People for the American Way or anyone else who might be able to overcome the now warped political process and get themselves into the Congress or the Senate in November. I need another work day to take my mind off these things over which I have so little control.

This is assuming, of course, that there will be a November election ... .

(What a chilling thought.)

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