Monday, January 06, 2014

I seem to be spending an awful lot of time continually building a back-log of unwritten stories ...

... all of which are both memorable and life-changing.

facebook has become almost too  intrusive to my online life, and I've all but decided to break away from the temptation to even visit the website -- which is only serving to illustrate just how difficult it is to avoid.  Facebook has all but become an unbreakable loop out of which escape is almost impossible.

Blogging (until about a year ago) was my primary way of processing life as experienced, and my posts have become ever more rare as this past year was being lived.  Instead, the Internet social programs began to reduce that process into bite-sized pieces that were merely "Twitters" of meaning, and robbed me of the periods of reflection that journaling at the end of my work days provided over the years.  It's not the word count that matters, it's the thinking ... .

It's disturbing to discover how ubiquitous is Facebook -- almost impossible to escape from -- and despite the promise of countless "friendship" contacts, in the end it leaves me as hungry as if I've been feeding on pure air.  Among my now accumulated hundreds of "friends" (the word has nearly lost all meaning since most are meaningless names in my address book) are the local people and family with whom I am in contact without Internet intervention anyway. 

So, 2014 will find me blogging resolutely -- hoping to return to my original goal of leaving a record of my life for my children and theirs.

Life is continuing to happen to me -- even in these later years -- and with even deeper meaning than before.  For instance, the freshening of my Port Chicago experience has been bubbling away in the back of my mind since the visit from Producer Hester of Naval Media two weeks ago.  Such thoughts ... . Then yesterday's interview for the Voice of America (global radio) that captured my Saturday presentation in our little theater for good or ill.

So much to ponder ... .

My friends will know where to find me ... and others will follow if interested.

... after all, most of the known media world appears to have done so during the past several months anyway, right?

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