Sunday, May 22, 2011

 Niece, Gail Brooms Clifton, and granddaughter Rosie Reid Funk, Bob's daughter..

So Dorie and I did a "crash and burn," but now the air is cleared ... .

and the confetti and paper hats have been resurrected, and all because I finally had a chance to view the photos stashed in my camera -- and the images carried enough power to grant  a re-run of all that glory!

Just take a look at these gems!  And the promised shots of those taken by the professional photographer have not yet arrived  -- can you imagine what those will show?

These were taken at the dinner on Thursday, May 12th, in honor of John Baldessari and me -- I'd almost forgotten in the agony of the past few days -- just how wonderful that evening was.

Left:  Co-honoree, the world-famous photographer, John Baldessari. Six foot eight inches of creativity, with a resume that includes many prior academic honors.  His photographs are in the Smithsonian collections.
 CCA president, Stephen Beal and members of the Board of Trustees

                  My youngest granddaughter, Tamaya Reid, David's daughter.  
                      I've not yet located a photo of her sister, Alyana, but I will.

Betcha thought I'd never recover, right?  Not so.

The storm has passed, and life is good, again.

(Let's hope the quick turnaround between these last two posts didn't give you whiplash!)

Note:  Click on any of these photos to view details.

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