Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michael Tewz, Artist and Musician, reaches across the years with an inquiry. Magical!

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Date: Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 12:38 AM

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So happy to be sending this message,
And I hope this email finds you well ...
I recently found a very old & very rare/obscure record that has a song by Betty Reid who I believe is Betty Reid Soskin.

Recorded LIVE at the Berkeley Community Theatre, October 9, 1965 & the song titled
"Sign My Name To Freedom" - by Betty Reid.

The song can be heard here @7 minutes 45 seconds

as I write this I have been listening to the song on repeat for about an hr. It is quite simply ... Beautiful.

On her wikipedia page it states that during "1960s she wrote and performed songs, many dealing with civil rights and peace."
I wonder if it is common knowledge around your parts that Betty Reid recorded this? Were any of you aware of its existence? ... This entire record is a very rare document of America Folk music & I believe it should be added to a higher archive.

I am quite sure that I have reached the right Betty Reid but there is a small chance that I have not. It is interesting that this song was recorded in Berkley & that Betty stayed in the N. California for so long.
Another interesting/fascinating aspects of the song are the lyrics. If i'm not mistaken, it is about signing up for the military which is basically the summation of her entire life.

Anyway, if Betty gets to read this I just want her to know that Im a huge fan of her music, and I would love to speak with/interview her. I think this could make a great piece for NPR/Radio.
Betty ... You are a treasure. Thank you for the time machine. You managed to send a smile a thousand of miles & 48 years into the future. ... I LOVE THIS ...
I could listen to this song on repeat ... forever.
sending you love from Chicago.
Mike Tewz

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