Saturday, January 16, 2010

There is no voice better informed or trusted on the full story of Haiti than that of Randall Robinson, author and foreign policy activist ... .

I've always had such profound respect for his devoted and persistent attempts at taking the plight of Haiti to the world. His caring for its people and of their century's-old history of unbroken misery is well-documented in this interview with Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now." This is a good time to watch this relatively short video in the wake of the grim news now coming out of that beleaguered country. He is clearly using great restraint during this interview, but I heard just a glimmer of hope that his expectation of positive change in the fate of Haiti may be rewarded -- at last.

Here's hoping that our leaders will see the wisdom in bringing President Jean Bertrand Aristide back to lead his people in this time of such desperation.

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