Thursday, May 15, 2008

How do I tell you about Rosie? ...without treading on sacred ground, that is ...

This is my just discovered granddaughter, Rosie, and her husband, Cameron. An unexpected gift that fate has granted me enough time on the planet to receive and enjoy.

Now there are five where there once were four; my darling Kokee ("Ms. Hermoine Ginglehopper"), Rhico, Alyana, and Tamaya; children of son, David. And now there is Rosie, looking exactly like so many of the other Charbonnet women; daughter of son, Bob.

The story is circuitous, but tonight we will meet for dinner. Then I will take off for Claremont House in Oakland to give a talk on the WWII home front mobilization, as if the world were not reeling!

But this story is not mine, but belongs to Bob and his lovely young daughter.

Life is good.

Life is magical ... .

...and who on earth would ever believe that her name would be Rosie? Such a script would be rejected unceremoniously by any smart editor, right? Completely illogical. Trite. Unbelievable.

Believe it.

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