Friday, November 10, 2017

Past days have found me speechless ... 

... so awed by what is happening in my life, and unsure about just how to handle it without completely disintegrating into a tornadic cloud of confusion!

At a time when the nation is so divided -- so contentious, so uncivil and uncertain of what the future holds for us all -- my personal life has exploded with contradictions so huge that almost at any moment I burst into irrepressible grins that defy logic.

I'm meeting with my attorney frequently now, he who is handling all those End of Life issues for me, updating my Will, my Durable Power of Attorney, Dorian's Trust so that her future can be sustained after my death, sustained independent of her brothers.

Meanwhile there are these remarkable pieces that must be shoe-horned into place while all that's going on, all related to my soon-to-released book, Sign my name to freedom, (February 6, 2018) by Hay House NY:

After reviewing an advance copy of my book -- this unbelievable acknowledgement was submitted by Ken Burns, the noted and much-celebrated historian, for the book cover:

"Betty Reid Soskin is a revelation; her story, a window 
 into a more complicated, heroic, inclusive 20th century; 
her life a testament to affirmation in the face of adversity.  
That she might also--amidst a set of astonishing careers--become
a protector and interpreter of our National Parks only makes 
her story that much more astonishing."

Ken Burns 

Can you imagine?

I've not known how to share these new truths, or, what such recognition portends over coming months (years?), and how on Earth do I ever live up to these new and unanticipated expectations? 

In the immortal words of Frank Baum's Dorothy, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!"

Maybe I should just take the day off and shop for a bigger hat!