Sunday, June 01, 2014

There have been days when life threatens to be wildly spinning out of control ...

... but I always catch the edge of a mythical branch just before the abyss!!!

one of the features of the interactive exhibits
Our permanent exhibits are installed and the Visitor Education Center properly re-dedicated as of last Saturday when 946 visitors joined with us in celebration.  The exhibits exceed by far my personal expectations, and were it not for my own enthusiasm that prevented learning what anyone else thought of them -- I'd say that impression was universal.  Everyone was blown away by what ten years of planning and execution by four noted historians (Donna Graves and Prof. Shirley Ann Moore being two), a crack design team under the leadership of Dave Seibert, and the able fabrication in the hands of Glenn Zook of ColorAd, we're properly launched as another proud National Park System full-fledged park with American history to share and interpret.

I'm willing to admit now that I was feeling intimidated by the changes that were pending for years, and wondering whether my work would remain relevant and timely.  Thought maybe I'd not measure up to the important groundwork so carefully laid by the scholars over the years of preparation.  But I needn't have feared.  Everything added by the professionals was supportive of my living memory, and powerfully reinforced my unique contributions to the narrative.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to give an hour-long interview for Public Radio International (PRI) to run on NPR (National Public Radio) hosted by Farai Chideya who will be with me from New York.  A technician is scheduled to show up here in Richmond tomorrow morning at 10:15 to supervise the conversation.

... and ... an invitation was extended by the Tuskegee Airmen's site in Alabama where I'll be a guest on August 26th!  Of course in the back of my mind is Betty the Worrier taking up space to keep me aware of the fact that we've entered hurricane season -- but it's only a quiet fear to keep in check for now, lest I collapse into my 6 year-old self who still holds that chilling life-changing flood of 1927 in active memory.

Life is good.

I know no one in Atlanta, but this will provide the chance to visit the King Center -- and I'm sure someone will make that possible.  It would be a pity to be so close and not have the experience of connecting with all that history to enrich my work.