Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This beautiful young woman's name is Nadiyah Sherref; and you'll be hearing more from her in the future ...

Nadiyah is a GirlSource student who has completed her training and -- at 22 has returned as a member of the staff.

She gave the welcome address which was relatively brief, but in those few moments we learned that she'd entered the program in her early teens after some encounters with the juvenile justice system; had completed her highschool requirements in the program; had graduated from college; and in June is traveling to Washington, D.C., where she is leading a training program for young women.

And,  Nadiyah stopped at my table and shared the news that she has been accepted into law school.

On the way home when the celebration had ended but I was still in my paper hat, I found myself wondering if we're paying enough attention to those programs that are truly making a difference, and whether we're supporting these efforts in ways that will keep them thriving?  The souvenir program states that this was their 27th year, so that means that this wonderful experiment has stood the test of time, and now has a proven track record.

I'm wondering how to support their work in ways that might have meaning?  Empowering young people should be the justification for old people to continue to inhabit the planet, right?  On the cover of the souvenir program the words, "Wisdom Inspires Youth" are featured.  If so, I need to brush up on my sources so that I can continue to provide whatever it was that brought me to their attention.  I suspect that the other two honorees share this sense of awe at this remarkable organization and the young women who are leading it.

From the program:
 GirlSource envisions a world free of poverty and oppression by unleashing the potential of young women to transform their lives and their communities for generations to come.
Photo:  Bottom pic was taken at my home during the interview conducted by a team of about a half-dozen young women in the media program.