Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wondering (at the first light of dawn this day) whether I've now lived out the crest of my personal life's journey? 

Was it January 20, 2009, sitting on that frigid metal folding chair in front of the Capitol witnessing the inauguration of our new president with two million other dreamers?  That surely seemed so at the time -- and often since; on the good days.  Was it the unanticipated rise to the highest office in the land that made it so?  Was there enough of a crescendo building toward that auspicious day to even begin to prepare us for this miracle? Was there sufficient cause to exult (as we surely did) in the rare experience of wandering up and down the Capitol Mall that day with a sea of ecstatic Americans who were as astounded as I at the course our nation had taken before the entire known world -- at long last? Had the promises of our fledgling nation finally been fulfilled? Should we not have foreseen the blow-back that was certain to follow in the succeeding months and years? Were we naive in supposing that -- this time -- the pendulum that has marked this nation's progress since 1776 would suddenly be stilled?

Have we forgotten that true democracy is formed and exists in the balances between opposing political forces, and that the greatest one can hope for is to weigh in on the direction perceived best for the majority at any stage in its dynamism; and hope to prevail in those efforts for measured periods only as the great pendulum resumes it's rhythmic dance into whatever unknown future awaits us?

A definition of Freedom?  (Nah, maybe it's just a Betty-ism.)

In watching the drama of today's political scenes unfold it is hard to escape the notion that the greatest problem we face may be the steady dismantling of our previously enviable system of public education.  It is hard to imagine that a democracy can long exist without an informed electorate.

How else does one explain the Beck phenomenon; the growing resistance to immigration or even immigration reform, or, the stories coming out of the great Southwest that are so disturbing in that they may indicate just how far we've strayed from the intent of our founding documents?

Nor is there any particular comfort to be found in the potential for restoration of regulations in the world of high finance, or, in support for the sciences, agriculture, and environmental protections.

Maybe I need to give up the Sunday morning television seminars and get out my PPG (Personal Prognostication Gear),  and maybe if I adjust the antenna on my space beanie and call up some audacity - the future won't seem so formidable.

After watching the on-camera freeze of the governor of Arizona this morning, it wouldn't surprise me one iota to learn that I've now lived out the crescendo in the up-cycle of my allotted time on the planet and that it's all downhill from here.

Y'all better stand ready to catch the next up-draft!

Is there anyone else who doubts that neither John Adams nor Thomas Jefferson, himself, could get the Bill of Rights passed by today's Congress?  And just how many of our States would be willing to ratify the Constitution were it to make the rounds today?

... and what do you suppose that means?