Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yup!  That would be moi standing in the front row waiting outside the ballpark before the game ... .

It was Rosie the Riveter Day at the L.A.Dodgers/S.F. Giants ballgame on Thursday night -- which ended in a victory for the Giants (11-2) which moved them into 1/2 game ahead of the pack and into first place. 
The other Rosies are Agnes Moore; Marian Wynn to my right; and Priscilla Elders with Ranger Elizabeth Tucker standing behind; Deputy Superintendent Tom Leatherman; Mary "Peace" Head; Ford Point developer, Eddie Orton of Orton Development with his wife, Amy, standing behind; and another Marian to her left.  Lance, the Ford Point manager is standing behind Tom Leatherman.

This was the scene of the pre-game ceremony honoring us all before a sold out stadium and countless roaring fans!

You cannot imagine how difficult it was to not turn around from the "facing-the-crowd" position to view myself on that giant screen behind us.  There we were in living color in real time and with a series of clips of the Rosie the Riveter story, and advertising the upcoming Home Front Festival to be held on October 1st and 2nd at the Ford Building and the SS Red Oak Victory in Richmond.  We were introduced individually to the enthusiastic roar of the crowd.  Pret-ty heady stuff, I'll tell you!

For the Museum at the Visitor's Center (once completed) we were presented a Giant's team jersey with "Rosie" printed thereon with the year "45" (1945).  It was left behind though, for both teams to autograph for posterity.  I'm holding one sleeve flanked by Priscilla and Elizabeth.  (But I'd have exchanged the privilege for permission to look behind at that giant screen!)  I understand that we'll receive a copy of that videotape for our Visitor's Center that should be ready for the public in about a year.

Photos:  These are thumbnails and can be enlarged by clicking on.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pitchin' and tossin' and discoverin' papers and photos long forgotten ... .

Fortunately, one of the benefits of moving  ( this time it's for Dorian; requiring empty boxes)  comes with the need to finally rid myself of all of those stashes of items that needed further examination before tossing; things that have withstood a cursory examination through several previous moves but by the time we've lived as long as I have -- that collection has become gigantic!  Now's the time to stop procrastinating and either seriously save for posterity or toss!  Unfortunately, the "save" pile is disappointingly generous still.  The only way I can guarantee riddance is to put everything else through the shredder! 

Today was the day to dive in before the closet police stake out my apartment for a raid!

Such memories were waiting there ... and so many emotions ... .

For instance, I don't recall this photo at all, but I do remember the event.  That Sunday I was in the pulpit (at my request) at the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek.  The portrait behind the lectern is of my mentor, and great friend, the late Rev. Aron Gilmartin.  (The subject of the sermon and description of the event is in the archives under June 8, 2004.)

I believe that there is a biography online about this true scholar, social activist, and humanitarian.  I could never do that history justice, but author Arliss Ungar has done so in a published paper that is available online. 

I so wish he was still present in my life ... but I know that his influence is still being felt through those of us whom he taught so well.