Monday, June 17, 2019

Love across time, geography, and Space ... .
From: Betty Reid Soskin <>
Date: June 16, 2019 at 8:54:05 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Hello and thinking of you on the other side of the world
Am in Southern California for Alyana’s graduation from UC Irvine.

You’ve been on my mind for days.  Was with your Dad, Bob, on Thursday - asked if he’d heard from you lately.  No.  Thoughts of you persisted throughout the day ... .
Yesterday while getting ready to leave home for the airport, looked into my jewelry box and found this little necklace you’ created for the family reunion years ago.  Slipped it around my neck.  First time ever since that day, I would wear it.

Woke suddenly this morning at a Marriott Hotel In Newport Beach to a ding from my IPhone on the nightstand and quite suddenly and unexpectedly --  there you were!

I have this insistent and inescapable feeling that the soul of an original ancestor, perhaps the ancestor of my great-greatgrandmother, Celestine, mother of my beloved great-grandmother, Leontine, the beleaguered soul who has been wandering the earth for centuries -- has finally found her way home!  That you are her embodiment in this century. The Celestine who is the "C" of my 21st Century username, CBreaux, whom I've given voice to in this blog, incidentally, and who had to be preceded in life by the woman who was brought in chains to this country -- and whose existence is shielded behind the slave curtain, and the excruciating painful time spent in captivity ... .  All I know about her is the fact that she had to be a musician, a singer perhaps (?) since she still lives in so many of those of us who still walk the Earth.
            Find myself wondering if you're still writing songs, and singing them as a part of your work? 
Crazy? Maybe.  But before a minute more passes I’m needing to take the attached picture— resisting the need to be “rational”, and explain the magic away.

More when I return home and back into a saner place.

Love to you both.