Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My darkest fears have been realized ... .

A few moments ago the "every first Wednesday at eleven o'clock warning sirens from the refinery" just sounded. Four long blasts that ring out over the city -- with that insistent coloring of everything with a sense of impending doom.

I've not turned on any outside news source today. Resisting the urge to check out Google News. I want no concession nor victory speeches this day.

Maybe I'll catch BART and join with other at a Peace demonstration at Justin Herman Plaza this afternoon at five o'clock (San Francisco). That seems hollow, though. My fears may simply be amplified by joining with others who are just as afraid and disappointed as I.

If only Kerry had leaned Left instead of Right in these last days. Instead, he followed Clinton's course and moved toward a middle ground that is so far off center that it did no more than make him Bush Lite. If only he'd told us that if we elected him he would bring our troops home in 3 months, and end the occupation of Iraq. If only, ... .

But it's too late for all that now.

The future is whatever it is, and that middleclass voter that Kerry made his appeal to was planning to vote for Bush all the time, then they'd just go back to watching Survivor and Fear Factor, and hope to someday sit around that table with The Donald.

Think I'll go burn a few candles or find a star to wish on -- or something ...

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