Friday, December 03, 2004

This is hysterical!

While exploring some of the features of this blogging phenomenon, a few days ago I discovered something called Google Adsense. What's that" (I asked myself)? Oh, turned out to be a program whereby one can sign up to be a more formal "publisher" and allow for the addition of ads that "are relevant to your content." Aha! There's the rub. Followed the directions, created the proper codes and copied and pasted into the template as directed, and waited to see what would happen.

In theory, each time someone clicks on the ad there is a deposit to an online account. When said account warrants it, a check is forwarded for the advertising privileges I've allowed. Nice arrangement.

There was a judgement made somewhere in cyberspace by a Google panel that determined that the content of my blog was acceptable and that there is a market for advertising here. So what would be relevant, I ask myself? Dental adhesives, adult diapers? Perhaps retirement plans for reverse mortgages? Mobil home sites and used RVs? How would these young advertising panelists see my age group? The defaults would surely give me an idea of how seniors are seen by advertisers. Might learn something here.

Then I looked in this morning: Would you believe a talking Ronald Reagan doll? If anyone really seriously read my writings, they would have surely known that I'm far from a Reagan follower, and that my political leanings are not in keeping with our former late president. To the contrary, I was one of those in the streets during the People's Park demonstrations years ago when he was governor of California and I was a youngish community activist. His helicopters were overhead spraying us with tear gas while my folks were singing Kumbaya and tossing flowers!

However, I choose to let it be. To keep the ad and watch closely at what is chosen for my site. It will be interesting to watch (in the site reports) to see if, indeed, there is actually interest in the man -- and if a Ronald Reagan bobbing-head-doll actually is of interest to us. This should be important information for the advertiser, as well, right? The thing that we will never know, though, is just how many people who visit here will click on the ad simply to see what's underneath? Oh, the wonders of technology!

So much to learn and so little time ... .

Click away, friends. I'll let you know when and if I can retire on my earnings!

Betty -- checking out the economics of marketing and media!

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